Our primary focus is on emerging markets with strong PPA's, high tariffs, and good tenure of 15+ years offering the best Return on Investment.

South Africa

South Africa averages more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, with daily irradiation levels of 4.5 to 6.5kWh/m2

The Directors of Shannon Energy were part of the Solar Capital team that successfully raised over $300m finance and constructed a 150MW solar farm in 2014.


Albania in Southeastern Europe spans 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 square miles) and has a population of 3 million people.

We have secured Development rights for a solar plant with a minimum capacity of 10MW and the opportunity to build additional plants with a capacity of 100MW+. We expect to begin construction this year.


Commercial solar power capacity in Hungary could rise to 2,100 MW by the end of 2018, exceeding the capacity of the country’s sole nuclear power plant.

Shannon Energy has an MOU in place with The Hyperion Fund to begin construction of a 70MW plant later this year.


The feed-in tariff for green projects in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world, which makes investment into this sector very attractive.

Shannon Energy are engaged in partnership negotiations to commence 2 X 30 MW solar plants in 2019.



The annual average total insolation duration is 2640 hours (7.2 hours per day). Covering one half of one percent of the land area with solar panels would be sufficient to generate all of the electricity used.
Shannon Energy are developing a 30MW solar project near Ankara.



Kazakhstan is the largest country of the former Soviet Union, and also the largest landlocked country in the world. With its 2,724,900 sq km of total area and 18m inhabitants and massive natural resources, there is also an enormous underexplored potential for energy generation .


The Ghana government is committed to increasing the contribution of solar power in the country’s energy mix.

Despite the abundance of sunshine, with many parts of the country enjoying high levels of solar irradiation all year round, solar energy only contributes one per cent to the energy mix, as opposed to 59 per cent from fossil fuels, and 40 per cent from hydro.”

Shannon Energy have identified 2 projects of 50MW each for development in 2019


Oman has a high ratio of “sky clearness” and receives extensive daily solar radiation ranging from 5,500-6,000 Wh/m2 a day in July to 2,500-3,000 Wh/m2 a day in January, giving it one of the highest solar energy densities in the world.

Shannon Energy is shortlisted in the bid for a 500MW Utility scale solar development project in Oman.


With 300 days of sunshine per annum, Sardinia is one of the most productive solar power locations in the world.

We have secured land rights for the development of a 30MW solar plant in Sardinia, and will begin environmental and technical studies this year.


Scotland’s irradiation levels are about 80% of Northern Germany or Southern UK. Even so, 1,000 Km sq (10% of the area of Scotland) where the insolation is 900 Kwh/m sq/year would provide 180,000 GWh/year, equal to all of Scotland’s energy demand.

We are currently investigating a solar rooftop project in Scotland.




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