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A recent KMPG report on the potential benefits of solar energy in Ireland concluded that the industry could reasonably deploy more than 3,750 MW of solar from now to 2030, supporting more than €2 billion in gross value added, more than €800 million in direct taxes and sustaining 7,300 jobs.





Scotland’s irradiation levels are about 80% of Northern Germany or Southern UK. Even so, 1,000 Km sq (10% of the area of Scotland) where the insolation is 900 Kwh/m sq/year would provide 180,000 GWh/year, equal to all of Scotland’s energy demand.

We are currently investigating a solar rooftop project in Scotland.


With 300 days of sunshine per annum, Sardinia is one of the most productive solar power locations in the world.

We have secured land rights for the development of a 30MW solar plant in Sardinia, and will begin environmental and technical studies this year.


Albania in Southeastern Europe spans 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 square miles) and has a population of 3 million people.

We have secured Development rights for a solar plant with a minimum capacity of 10MW and the opportunity to build additional plants with a capacity of 100MW+. We expect to begin construction this year.


Jordan’s renewable energy market has been characterized by strong government support in recent years and the results are beginning to show. The market has transitioned in a short space of time from being non-existent to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Since 2012, the government has adopted a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law (REEEL) that sets the legal framework for various incentives, developed a National Energy Strategy Plan underpinning the national targets for renewable energy generation and completed two rounds of auctions for the licensing of over 600MW of solar and wind projects. A third round, with 200MW solar, 100MW wind and an optional storage component is currently underway and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2017.


Commercial solar power capacity in Hungary could rise to 2,100 MW by the end of 2018, exceeding the capacity of the country’s sole nuclear power plant.

Shannon Energy has an MOU in place with The Hyperion Fund to begin construction of a 70MW plant later this year.

South Africa

South Africa averages more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, with daily irradiation levels of 4.5 to 6.5kWh/m2

The Directors of Shannon Energy were part of the Solar Capital team that successfully raised over $300m finance and constructed a 150MW solar farm in 2014.

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