Obton has been part of the solar PV business for more than 10 years. They have accumulated unique knowledge about the many processes that belong to development, investment, financing and operation of solar PV systems parks. Obton have completed more than 160 deals resulting in over 500 PV projects, and the experience gained from each project has made them a flexible organisation that is capable of implementing a variety of different project types.

PV Solar Installations partners with Shannon Energy in the installation of PV Solar power systems across the Residential, Commercial and Agricultural sectors in Ireland and the UK. PV Solar are specialists in designing advanced solutions that combine solar panels, smart inverters and battery solutions with the aim of helping our clients to save money by reducing their overall energy expenditure, and at the same time contributing to the environment by reducing the planet’s carbon footprint.  

Utility Six CIC is a Privately Funded, Community Interest Company specifically set up to support Local Authorities and Housing Associations address the every growing issue of fuel poverty  Utility Six partners with Shannon Energy and a group of companies established with the specific objective of investing in the Renewable Technology and Energy Sector,  Nexus International, PVSolarInstallations and Solarhouse, Shannon Energy

Founded in 2007, Enerray is a leading company in the design, construction and management of medium and large industrial photovoltaic systems, both for third-party systems and proprietary systems.

Solar House develops and promotes solar & renewable engineering activities in Scotland, including the installation of solar panels and battery storage, the creation of an energy generating network and the sales of the power produced. We want to provide a renewable technology solution on a large scale basis addressing both the needs of extremely ‘cash strapped’ councils and those living in real and virtual fuel poverty.

Nexus International provides global leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world. We work as advisers, interim leaders and partners who tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear. We help you realise maximum value from your technology investments. Nexus offers both managed services and project based services.

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