The Maccaferri Group has grown to be a modern and dynamic economic reality, active in many different business sectors in order to ensure its stability and its presence in today’s global market. Strong commitment and continuous investments in innovation have ensured technological and manufacturing leadership to the Group’s companies operating worldwide.


Hyperion Fund was set up in 2017, to enable faster solar plant development in the emerging markets through blockchain. It aims to fund projects that have already achieved a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the contract given by a government ensuring the purchase of all electricity produced usually for a period of about 20 years.


An international investment company with more than 30 years experience in a diverse range of business enterprise. Venica invest in solar projects in emerging markets and together with Shannon Energy are exploring a number of Renewable Energy projects in the Middle East and Africa.


Covali is a diversified group with investments in technology, solar and property assets in the UK and Ireland. Covali Finance undertakes strategic investment in projects on behalf of foreign investors under the Immigrant Investment Programme.

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